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Semi Independent Homes

Empowering Young Adults Towards Self-Sufficiency

Introduction to Semi-Independent Homes

Ruby Care Services proudly introduces Semi-Independent Homes, designed to support young individuals in mastering the skills necessary for a successful transition into independent adulthood. Our environment is safe, nurturing, and responsive to the unique journey of each resident.

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Advantages of Our Semi-Independent Homes

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Pathway to Independence: Navigating the transition to adulthood with confidence, our Semi-Independent Homes offer the key to unlocking a bright, self-sufficient future for young adults.
Why Choose Ruby Care Services?

Building Foundations for the Future

At Ruby Care Services, we understand the pivotal moment of transition for young adults. Our Semi-Independent Homes are more than just a place to stay; they are a stepping stone to a promising future.

Specialised Support

Our team specialises in youth development, offering guidance tailored to the needs of young adults.

Empathetic Care

We provide a compassionate environment that respects and encourages individual growth.

Outcome-Focused Programs

Our services are designed with clear goals: to foster independence and readiness for adult life.


We believe in the power of community support to bolster our residents' growth and success.

Stepping Stones to Self-Sufficiency

Empower young adults with Ruby Care Services’ Semi-Independent Homes. We provide a supportive pathway to independence, blending quality care with the life skills necessary for confident, self-reliant living.