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We believe in nurturing a life adorned with dignity, tailored support, and unfaltering kindness. As the premier care provider in the UK, our devotion to enhancing lives is unparalleled. Each individual we support is at the heart of our bespoke care plans, crafted to enrich lives with unwavering compassion and expert care.
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Who We Are

Shaping Personalised Recovery

Ruby Care Services specialises in compassionate, personalised post-surgical care. We’re committed to your unique recovery journey, offering tailored support that honours your individual needs. Our dedicated team provides care that comforts, heals, and empowers, right in the sanctuary of your home

Elevate Your Support Experience with Our Tailored Care Solutions

Immerse yourself in a world where advanced care meets individual needs, offering a harmonious blend of technology and personalised assistance with our innovative solutions.

Bespoke Tender Solutions

Secure your future with our expert tender writing services, where attention to detail meets a strategic understanding of healthcare procurement.

Access to Personalised Support Plans

Stay connected with your bespoke support journey through our accessible platform, where detailed plans are available at your convenience, maintaining transparency and empowerment.


Enjoy peace of mind after dark with our dedicated overnight assistance, ensuring a restful sleep and continuous support for you or your loved ones.

Seamless Care Coordination

Arrange your support seamlessly with our intuitive scheduling system, designed for flexibility and synchronised with your preferred daily routine.

Services Tailored to Your Unique Journey

Your health and well-being journey deserves the Ruby touch – care that’s crafted with precision and understanding. With services encompassing Domiciliary (Home) Care, Night Care, and expert Tender Writing, we provide the flexibility and expertise to maintain your independence and dignity.

What we offer

Explore Our Premier Services

Domiciliary (Home) Care

Tailored Care in the Comfort of Your Home

Domiciliary (Home) Care

Our flagship service, providing tailored support that upholds your independence and envelops you in comfort and care within the sanctuary of your own home.
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Post-Surgical Assistance

Nurturing Your Recovery, One Step at a Time

Post-Surgical Assistance

Navigate your recovery journey with our expert care, ensuring a smooth and comfortable return to daily life
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Physical Disability Support

Navigating Everyday Life with Confidence

Physical Disability Support

Empowering you with customised assistance that champions autonomy, respect, and the celebration of ability.
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Care for Dementia Patients

Compassionate Support for Living with Dementia

Care for Dementia Patients

Compassionate support that recognises the unique journey of those living with dementia, anchored in dignity and familiarity.
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Night Care

Comfort and Care, All Through the Night

Night Care

Offering peace of mind with our vigilant overnight care services, ensuring safety and comfort all through the night.
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Tender Writing

Winning Contracts with Precision and Care

Tender Writing

Expertise in creating compelling tenders, reflecting the quality and dedication inherent in all Ruby Care Services.
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Where Every Client is Family. Step into Compassionate Care with Ruby Care Services
Why Choose Us

A Commitment to Excellence in Homecare

Ruby Care Services stands as a beacon of quality care throughout the UK. Our commitment to your health and happiness is reflected in the personalised care plans we offer, designed to fit seamlessly into your life. We empower you to live the life you cherish, with the support you can trust.

Personalised Support Plans

Every care solution we provide is tailored to the individual's preferences and lifestyle, ensuring our support fits perfectly into your daily routine.

Dedicated Professional Team

Our team comprises experienced professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional care with expertise and a personal touch.

Wellness-Driven Approach

We focus on more than just physical health; our care encompasses emotional and mental well-being for a holistic approach to your care.

Trusted by Families

Years of devoted service have cemented our reputation as a trusted provider of quality care within homes across the UK.

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At Ruby Care Services, we’re ready to assist you with a comprehensive care assessment, designed to understand and fulfil your specific needs. Let’s begin crafting your path to a more supported, vibrant life.


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